MemberNicole Bonino

  I am Italian, from Turin. I am a PhD candidate and teaching assistant at the University of Virginia. My area of specialty is Latin American literature, with a comparative focus on Migration Studies and an interdisciplinary interest in the field of Environmental Humanities. Within the theoretical framework of ecocriticism, my research examines the reasons why people emigrate, the ways in which they modify space and culture, and the rhetorical and metaphorical ways in which the urban and oceanic landscapes are represented in migratory literature. I am currently a fellow of the Center for Global Inquiry and Innovation, the Center for the Americas, the Institute of the Humanities and Global Cultures, and the Hispanic Honor Society Sigma Delta Pi. My doctoral dissertation, entitled Hacerse la América: hibridismos imaginados en la literatura migratoria ítalo-argentina [Hacerse la América: Imagined Hybridisms in Italo-Argentinian Migratory Literature] focuses on the diasporic movements related to the South-South axis involving, specifically, the Italian migration to Argentina. While giving voice to emarginated communities, this project offers a critical paradigm for understanding past and contemporary migratory phenomena.