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…ntic Italian Migrants”. Seattle, USA, January 9-12 
2019, Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA): “Global Diasporas and Literature: The Case of the Italian Migration to Argentina through ¿Inocentes o culpables? by Antonio Argerich”. El Paso, Texas, October 10-12 …

I am a doctoral candidate (ABD) and teaching assistant in the Department of Spanish, Italian and Portuguese at the University of Virginia, from which I will graduate on May 16, 2020. My area of specialty is nineteenth- and twentieth-century Latin America, with a comparative focus on migration movements and an interdisciplinary interest in the field of Environmental Humanities. My doctoral dissertation, entitledMaking Art in Migration: Politics and Transculturation in Italian and Argentinian Literature (1880-1930), focuses on the diasporic movements related to the South-South axis involving specifically the Italian migration to Argentina from 1880 to 1930. My most recent publication is “Colombia no tiene quien la cure: el discurso médico en El coronel no tiene quien le escriba(1958-61) de Gabriel García Márquez”. October 10-12, I will be presenting at the Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association (RMMLA) Conference in El Paso, Texas; January 9-12, I will present at the Modern Language Association (MLA) Convention in Seattle.