MemberPatrick Whitmarsh

I’m a second-year PhD candidate with interests in the 20th-century American novel, science fiction, and other brands of speculative fiction. I’m also interested in the intersection of literature and science, as well as the new speculative developments in continental philosophy.In addition to my blog on science fiction and speculative theory, I also publish occasionally on my other blog:

MemberLila Marz Harper

Nineteenth-century literature and science, especially natural history and women’s writing. Currently working on the Medusa/medusa references in literature. Focusing at the moment on George Eliot and G. H. Lewes’ Sea-Side Studies and pre-Darwinian evolution. Have published an edition of Edwin Abbott’s Flatland. Also work on research methods, plagiarism and technical writing. Will be teaching a course on weeds and the ecology of vacant lots next year. And, of course, field bibliography. I index fests for MLA and some journals for ABELL. Recently, am helping editing and formatting lists for an Alice in Wonderland translation project.