MemberKeith Tse

…verted to M.A.) at the University of Oxford (Balliol College) (2005-2009). I then specialised in Languages and Linguistic and did a Master’s degree (M.A.) at the University of Manchester with foci in Latin/Romance linguistics and theoretical syntax. I recently completed a Master’s by Research (M.Res) in Linguistics at the University of York where I researched on formal syntactic change, and I am currently doing research on L…

Theoretical linguistics, theoretical syntax, historical syntax, historical and comparative linguistics, Chinese linguistics, East Asian linguistics, Latin/Romance linguistics, Indo-European linguistics, grammaticalization, linguistic interfaces

MemberSarah Harmon

…Ph.D. in Romance Linguistics, University of Texas at Austin, 2007.
MA in Linguistics, University of California at Davis, 1999.
BA in Spanish with a minor in Linguistics, University of California at Davis, 1993….

Historical Romance linguistics; theories of language change; Historical Spanish linguistics; Historical Italian linguistics; technology in the classroom.

MemberGerardo Augusto Lorenzino

… John    Holm & Susanne Michaelis (eds.), Contact Languages: Critical Concepts in Language Studies, volume IV.  New York: Routledge, pp. 309-408
2007: Selected Proceedings of the Third Workshop in Spanish Sociolinguistics.  Somerville: Cascadilla Press; with Jonathan Holmquist and Lotfi Sayah
2001: The Morphosyntax of Spanish-lexified creoles. Munich: Lincom Europa (Pidgins and Creole Series).
1999: The Angolar Creole Por…

Dialectology Historical linguistics Pidgins and Creoles Languages in Contact Linguistic approaches to literature