MemberAndrew Small

French, poetry, literature, film, cinema, culture, francophonie, Saint-John Perse, Baudelaire, Montaigne, painting, comparative literature, interdisciplinary studies, Rembrandt, Dardenne, Malick, Braque, art book, Heidegger, Dante, literary theory, aesthetics, philosophy, American literature, American poetry, Hollywood, graphic arts, foreign language pedagogy, World English, 

MemberDavid R. Harrison

Broadly speaking, I’m interested in the Early Modern period in France.  My scholarship has been focused on seventeenth-century writers such as Scudery and Boileau, as well as the eighteenth-century memorialist Saint-Simon.  I’m currently pursuing a project on the notion of “enjouement” in the seventeenth- and eighteenth-century novel, with chapters on D’Urfe, Scudery, Villedieu, Marivaux, Laclos, and Stael.   Since I regularly teach all levels of French language and literature at Grinnell College, I’m also interested in language pedagogy and the teaching of writing.

MemberAlexander Gil

Alex Gil is Digital Scholarship Librarian at Columbia University Libraries. He collaborates with faculty, students and library professionals leveraging computational and network technologies in humanities research, pedagogy and scholarly communications. He curates the Studio@Butler at Columbia University, a tech-light library innovation space focused on digital scholarship and pedagogy; he is founder and faculty moderator of Columbia’s Group for Experimental Methods in the Humanities, a vibrant trans-disciplinary research cluster focused on experimental humanities; senior editor of sx archipelagos, a journal of Caribbean Digital Studies, and co-wrangler of The Caribbean Digital conference series. Current projects include Ed, a digital platform for minimal editions of literary texts; Aimé Césaire and The Broken Record, a minimal computing experiment in long-form digital scholarship; and, In The Same Boats, a visualization of trans-Atlantic intersections of black intellectuals in the 20th century.