MemberDerek F. DiMatteo

…My current research project is titled “Academic Dissent: US Higher Education Protest Literature, 1985–2015.”
Higher education reform has been overlooked by scholars of protest literature, a gap that my project begins to fill by defining academic protest literature and identifying representative works and themes. A mixed-methods project, “Academic Dissent” analyzes how my archive’s texts—cultural works ranging from novels to films to sculptures—protest against higher education’s increasingly private-good orientation as its democratic aims and public-good mission are undermined by the pressures of neoliberalism. By placing education protest within the larger field of American protest literature, this project contributes a cultural dimension to the field of critical university studies….

Visiting Lecturer in the Department of English at Indiana University Bloomington, and managing editor of Africa Today, a leading journal in the field of African studies published by IU Press. My research and teaching interests are in American literary and cultural studies since 1945, multi-ethnic literatures, higher education protest literature, American social protest literature, contemporary transnational and world literature, composition, and pedagogy. Prior to coming to Indiana University, I lived and taught in Japan and the United States at the high school and college levels. In Japan, I was very active in the Japan Association for Language Teaching (JALT), and my research interests centered on EFL pedagogy, authentic materials and activities development, and using literature in EFL. I presented on these topics at local and national conferences in Japan, as well as organized professional development at my institution. Outside of academia, I spend time training in jiu-jitsu, cooking with friends, and catching up on pleasure reading or recent Netflix series.

MemberHeidi Bostic

Higher education leader with significant scope of responsibility. Effective leadership through change. Experience in visioning and strategic planning; fostering diversity and inclusion; financial management; advancement, fundraising and securing extramural foundation support; promoting interdisciplinary research and curriculum; community engagement and external relations; hiring, development and evaluation of faculty and staff; enrollment management; strengthening the student experience. Award-winning teacher and academic leader. Author of essays on leadership and higher education.