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“Game Fiction” provides a framework for understanding the relationship between narrative and computer games and is defined as a genre of game that draws upon and uses narrative strategies to create, maintain, and lead a user through a fictional environment. Competitive, ergodic, progressive (and often episodic), game fictions’ primary goal must include the actualization of predetermined events. Building on existing game and new media scholarship and drawing from theories of narrative, cinema, and literature, my project details the formal materiality that undergirds game fiction and shapes its themes. In doing so, I challenge the critiques of narrativism levied at those scholars who see a relationship between computer games and narrative forms, while also detailing the ways that computational media alter and reform narratological preconceptions. My study proposes a methodology for discussing game fiction through a series of ‘close playings,’ and while not intended to be chronological or comprehensive, provides a model for understanding narrative and genre in this growing field.

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Please join us for the Prose Fiction Division’s panels at the MLA Convention in Chicago next week. The Division is hosting two panels and co-sponsoring a third; details below. 335. Mass versus Coterie: The Rare Book Friday, 10 January, 1:45–3:00 p.m., Los Angeles–Miami, Chicago Marriott Program arranged by the Division on Prose Fiction Presiding: Hester […]

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CALL FOR PAPERS FOR REVISTA IBEROAMERICANA La ciencia ficción en América Latina. Aproximaciones teóricas al imaginario de la experimentación cultural. Science fiction in Latin America. Theoretical approaches to the imaginary of cultural experimentation. Silvia Kurlat Ares, Coordinator It is well known that science fiction resists easy definitions, which explains why somewhere Samuel Delany has said […]