MemberMorris E. Eaves

British romanticism, William Blake, digital humanities, visual arts, editorial theory and practice, communication–especially across generations. Xediting has served as my working term for both the kind of editing-always-in-progress highlighted by my digital experience as an editor and for the kind of always-editing-in-daily-life that we usually think of choosing rather than editing. I’d be interested in attempting to make a book, or something sort of like a book, in MLA Commons. It even has a title: it’s been “Posterity” for too long but the project has outgrown the working title before I’ve managed to come up with a replacement.

MemberJeffrey Masten

…Curated Roland Greene.  ARCADE: Literature, Humanities, & the World. Stanford University.  November 2018.
“Glossing and T*pping: Editing Sexuality, Race, and Gender in Othello.” The Oxford Handbook of Shakespeare and Embodiment: Gender, Sexuality, Race.  Ed. …

Early modern English literature and culture, Renaissance drama including Shakespeare, premodern history of sexuality and gender, textual editing, philology, history of authorship and collaboration