MemberStefan Herbrechter

…(2016) Narrating Life. Eds. Stefan Herbrechter and Elisabeth Friis. Leiden: Brill (Experimental Practices 1). (2015) Parallax 21.1 (special issue on ‘Deconstruction – Space – Ethics’). Eds. Stefan Herbrechter, Ivan Callus & Laurent Milesi. (2014) European Journal of English Studies 18.2 (special issue on ‘European Posthumanism’). Eds. Stefan Herbrechter, Ivan Callus, Manuela Rossini. (2013) Posthumanism – A Critical Analysis. London: Bloomsbury. (2012) ‘Posthumanism, Subjectivity, Autobiography’, Subjectivity 6 (…

English and comparative literature, critical and cultural theory, deconstruction, posthumanism, animal studies, cultural and media studies

MemberShazia Rahman

…nd Culture 5.2 (June 2011): 187-201. Print.
“Karachi, Turtles, and the Materiality of Place: Pakistani Eco-cosmopolitanism in Uzma Aslam Khan’s Trespassing.” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 18.2 (Spring 2011): 261-282. Print.
“Orientalism, Deconstruction, and Relationality: Sara Suleri’s Meatless Days.” Lit: Literature Interpretation Theory 15.4 (October-December 2004): 347-362. Print.
“The Packaging and Selling of a First Novel: Anita Rau Badami’s Tamarind Mem.” The Toronto Review of Contemporary Writin…

Shazia Rahman’s book Place and Postcolonial Ecofeminism (University of Nebraska Press, 2019) analyzes Pakistani women’s cinematic and literary fictions to amplify their environmental ways of belonging that counter religious nationalism.

MemberRoger Whitson

I specialize in media theory, digital humanities, and nineteenth-century British literature. My research investigates how the Nineteenth Century is adapted, remediated, and transmitted into more contemporary art and digital media. I’ve specifically looked at this phenomenon by exploring the adaptation of William Blake and by investigating the alternate history reconstruction of the Victorian Period in steampunk. I also occasionally write about digital pedagogy.

MemberIan Cornelius

I am author of Reconstructing Alliterative Verse: The Pursuit of a Medieval Meter (2017). Details on this and other publications may be found on my personal website. My research is concentrated on the language, form, and textual transmission of medieval English poetry. I also study aspects of literary education and Latin literary culture in medieval England. I teach in the Department of English at Loyola University Chicago as Edward Surtz, S.J., Associate Professor in Medieval Literature and Culture. My current cv is posted here. The cover image is of Newberry Library, MS 10, an eleventh-century copy of Boethius’s Consolation of Philosophy.