MemberBjörn Sonnenberg-Schrank

…Grad Stud Amer Studies, Media Studies, Film, Gender Studies, Poststructuralism, Critical Theory, & Popular Culture…

Television/Visual Culture, Film Studies, 20th Century Literature, Cultural Studies, Disability Studies, Youth/Teenage Culture, Subculture, Popular Culture, Urban Studies, Comic/Sequential Art, Popular Music, Feminism, Cultural Geography, Poststructuralism, Material Culture, Gender/Queer Studies, Critical Theory, African American Studies

MemberSarah Goldberg

…M. Phil. and M.A. in Latin American & Iberian Cultures from Columbia University(Dissertation in progress entitled “Entertaining Culture: The Rise of Mass Culture and Consumer Society in Argentina.” Expected graduation: May 2016)B.A. in Romance Languages from the U…

consumer culture, celebrity, mass culture, popular entertainment, fandom