MemberVinay Dharwadker

Modern British literature; Anglophone literatures, Indian and South Asian literatures in English; World literature; literatures in Indian and South Asian languages (Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Urdu); colonial and postcolonial literatures; modern theory, classical studies, comparative studies; poetry and poetics, fiction and narrative theory, novel and short story; planetary modernism and modernist studies; cosmopolitanism, migration and diaspora, postcolonial realism; literary translation and translation studies

MemberRebecca Haidt

18th-19th C cultures, literatures; comparative studies; gender, sexuality; material culture; cultural history; Spain; Spain-Cuba and Spain-North Africa 18th-19th centuries; convict transport history; labor history and history of women’s work; fashion and costume history; Madrid; Iberian studies; Enlightenment; book history; translation; media studies; popular culture; popular theatre; prose fiction; European literary history; history of ideas.

MemberSebastian Matzner

• Literary theory (ancient and modern), esp. theory of poetic language
• Greek and Latin poetry
• Greek-German comparative studies
• Politics and poetics of cultural identity
• Classical reception studies and the classical tradition
• History of sexualities, queer and gender studies

MemberKirsten Kane

My research interests center on the literary intersection of religious teachings, dissent, alterity, and social power dynamics in Reformational France, with a focus on morality and supremacist thought in transatlantic literature of the sixteenth century. This religious focus overlaps with an interest in comparative study of the sublime across the 16th and 19th centuries. A tertiary area of concentration is on postcolonial identity narratives in Quebecois and Francophone Caribbean literature.