MemberSamuel Baker

I am an Associate Professor in the Department of English at the University of Texas at Austin, where I have also been a Junior Fellow of the British Studies Program, and frequently teach for Plan II Honors. A founding member of the Executive Team for the Good Systems Texas Grand Challenge, I am chairing that initiative in 2021-22. My research interests include British Romantic poetry; historical fiction, science fiction, and the gothic novel; media studies, informatics, environmental humanities, and the social analysis of the built environment now coming to be known as infrastructure studies. Within Good Systems, I am currently a co-leader of the “Living and Working With Robots” core research project. Previously I served as co-PI of the “Bad AI and Beyond” project, which examined how media representations shape public perceptions of artificial intelligence, and what innovative ways writers and filmmakers are finding to represent AI and its impact on society. I also served as the Executive Team Liaison to the Public Interest Technology research focus area, and organized cross-disciplinary speculative fiction conversations, as well as a study group of graduate students from across the University funded by Good Systems to work on research projects concerned with COVID-19.

MemberMark Kaufman

Mark David Kaufman, PhD, is Assistant Professor of English at the US Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, CO, where he teaches literature and film studies. His scholarship has appeared in James Joyce Quarterly, Hypermedia Joyce Studies, Biography: An Interdisciplinary QuarterlyPublic Domain Review, European Journal of American Studies, Virginia Woolf MiscellanyTwentieth-Century Literature, and The Space Between. Currently, he is at work on a book project, tentatively titled Spyography: Modernism, Espionage, and the Militant Aesthetic State, focusing on the relationship between modernism and national security, the weaponization of the humanities during wartime, and the cultivation of writers as spies by the Anglo-American intelligence community . Teaching and research interests: Modern and Contemporary British, Irish, and Anglophone Literature; Transatlantic Modernism; New Modernist Studies; Law and Literature; Espionage; Hermetic Tradition; Clinical Gaze; Literary Theory

MemberFabiana E. Martínez

Fabiana Elisa Martínez was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. From a very young age she showed a special interest in books and “words in other languages.” Fabiana graduated with Honors from the UCA University in Buenos Aires with a degree of Profesora en Letras (Linguistics and World Literature). She soon started teaching Spanish as a second language and perfected her method which she has used to teach in preeminent international companies as well as to professionals from various countries. Fabiana speaks five languages: Spanish, English, French, Portuguese and Italian, and has degrees in Ancient Greek and Latin. She lives and works in Dallas, Texas. 12 Random Words / 12 Palabras al Azar is her first work of fiction.