MemberBonnie McLean

Adjunct professor by day, Jane Austen fangirl at all other times. I teach English and Humanities (English Composition, a variety of literature courses, and mythology) at a community college and a private denominational university and have online teaching experience since 2015. In my civilian life, I read, cook, and complete jigsaw puzzles while watching TV. Post-pandemic life will hopefully include much more travel abroad. AMA.

MemberPatricia Lino

​Patrícia Lino (Portugal, 1990) is Assistant Professor of Luso-Brazilian Literatures and cinema at UCLA and the author of O Kit de Sobrevivência do Descobridor Português no Mundo Anticolonial (2020), Não é isto um livro (2020), and Manoel de Barros e A Poesia Cínica (2019). She recently directed Anticorpo. A Parody of the Laughable Empire (US 2019; Brazil 2020) and Vibrant Hands (2019). She is also the author of the mixed poetry album I Who Cannot Sing (2020). Lino presented, published, and exhibited essays, poems, and illustrations in more than six countries. She was one of the Portuguese poets invited to participate in the 2020 Feria del Libro de Bogotá and in the 2020 Fiesta del Libro y la Cultura de Medellín. Her current research focuses on contemporary poetry, visual and audiovisual culture, parody and anticolonialism, ​and Brazilian film. She also works as a researcher member at the UCLA Latin American Institute and a collaborator at Instituto de Literatura Comparada Margarida Losa.