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Wegway Primary Culture, Editor/Publisher of the magazine of Artists’ projects, 2002 – 2005 Full runs of the magazine are in the permanent collections of The National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, National Archives, Ottawa, The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, University of Toronto Robarts Library, The Ontario College of Art and Design Dorothy Hoover Library, Toronto, University of Wisconsin, Madison, and SUNY, Buffalo.

“Art-Biz Report,” Wegway Primary Culture 8 (Spring, 2005) Toronto: p. 17.
“Art-Biz Report,” Wegway Primary Culture 7 (Fall, 2004) Toronto: p. 27.
“The Artist’s Statement as Business Letter,” Wegway Primary Culture 7 (Fall, 2004) Toronto: pp. 60-1.
“Painting about Photography,” in Brian Kipping – Descriptions of What is Known, Linda Jansma ed. (Robert McLaughlin Gallery, 2002) Oshawa: pp.27–36.

“The Communist Manifesto with all Words Functioning as Nouns Removed,” Wegway Primary Culture 4 (Fall, 2002) Toronto: pp. 24-6.
“Jacques Derrida’s Prose Style,” in Instant Anthology, (Toronto: Small Press Fair, 2001), p. 47
“Metro Square,” Lola 9 (Spring, 2001) Toronto: p. 67.
“John Greer: Reconciliation,” Lola 8 (Winter, 2000-2001) Toronto: p. 65.
“Pat McDermott at The Robert Birch Gallery,” Lola 8 (Winter 2000-2001) Toronto: p. 70.
“Scott Silverthorn: History is Present,” Lola 7 (Fall, 2000) Toronto: pp. 73-4.
“Nicole Collins at Wynick/Tuck,” Lola 7 (Fall, 2000)Toronto: pp. 74.
“The Genderless Generation,” Lola 7 (Fall, 2000) Toronto: p. 88.
“Brian Kipping: Locations,” Lola 5 (Fall, 1999) Toronto: p. 68.
“Tony Scherman at Sable-Castelli,” Lola 5 (Fall, 1999) Toronto: p. 72.
“Carolyn Livingston at Propeller,” Lola 5 (Fall, 1999) Toronto: p. 74.
“Spiral Jetty: A Critical Challenge,” in Espace 27 (Spring, 1994) Montreal: pp. 47-9.

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