Final-year Ph.D. candidate in English Literature at Swansea University, researching hauntings in 21st-century fiction. Part of the British Association for American Studies’ 2023 targeted research fund group, working on queer medical Gothic in contemporary American media. Senior Teaching Assistant in the English Department at Swansea University. Currently seeking post-doctoral research opportunities focusing on contemporary horror-science fiction.


BA in English with Creative Writing from Bangor University

MA in English from the Open University

CIMA part-qualified from Kaplan

PhD in English from Swansea University (projected spring 2024)

Other Publications

Review of Contemporary Women’s Ghost Stories by Gina Wisker in Contemporary Women’s Writing Journal (2023)

““You Can’t Stop Picturing that Beautiful Handset”: The Found Phone Trope in Twenty-First-Century Media” in LIT: Literature Interpretation Theory (2023)

“I Wish, Please, to Live”: Religion and Rewilding in Michel Faber’s Under the Skin in Future Folk Horror (Lexington Books, 2023)


Review of The Evolution of Horror in the 21st Century edited by Simon Bacon in Revenant Journal (projected Summer 2023)

“Oh No! Not Again!”: Toxic Nostalgia and British Antisemitism in Ghost Stories by Andy Nyman and Jeremy Dyson in Gothic Nostalgia (Springer, projected 2024)

Review of Gothic Things by Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock in Extrapolation

Blog Posts


    An examination of queer medical Gothic in various contemporary American media as part of the British Association for American Studies’ 2023 targeted research fund panel. We presented a panel at the BAAS 2023 conference, and hope to expand this panel into a journal special issue.

    Upcoming Talks and Conferences

    July 20-21st 2023: Fear 2000 online conference 2023, presenting my paper titled, “Lesbian Lovers and Forbidden Caves: Sapphic Survival Horror in Caitlin Starling’s The Luminous Dead”

    August 14-19th 2023: SFRA 2023 conference in Dresden, presenting my paper titled, “Simulated Worlds and Digital Disruptions: The Glitch in The Tenth Girl by Sara Faring and The Seven Deaths of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton”

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