Stacy Fahrenthold is a historian of the modern Middle East, publishing on labor migration, transnational politics, and class formation in the Syrian and Lebanese diasporas. Her 2019 book, Between the Ottomans and the Entente: the First World War in the Syrian and Lebanese Diaspora (Oxford University Press 2019), was awarded the Evelyn Shakir Nonfiction Award, the Khayrallah Prize in Migration Studies, and the Syrian Studies Association Book Award. She is now working on a new book about Syrian and Lebanese workers in the Atlantic textile industries, 1900-1930s.

Other Publications


Between the Ottomans and the Entente: The First World War in the Syrian and Lebanese Diaspora, 1908-1925. New York: Oxford University Press, 2019. Paperback 2021.

Online Articles

“Syrian merchants on Madeira Island,” The Lausanne Project, a project of the Gingko Library, October 14, 2022. URL. Translated to TR

“Finding fraternity thousands of miles from home, in Syrian São Paulo,” Syria Untold, February 25, 2022. URL. Translated to AR SP

“Teaching Arab American History through Digital Collections: Agenda for a Plague Year,” Immigration and Ethnic History Society Newsletter, December 2020. URL.

“Essential Readings: Emigration from the Levant, 1870-1930: a Primer in Mahjar Studies,” Jadaliyya, April 30, 2019. URL.

“A Little Advice: Syrian American Advice Booklets as Knowledge Production,” Migrant Knowledge, March 27, 2019. URL.

“Teaching Migrant and Refugee Histories in the Shadow of Trump,” IEHS Online: the Immigration and Ethnic History Society blog, 27 March 2017. URL.

“What we can learn about America’s other Muslim Ban (Back in 1918).” Tropics of Meta: Historiography for the Masses, 8 February 2017. URL

Edited Collections

“The Syrian and Lebanese American Federation: a case for connection.” In Connections and Ruptures: America and the Middle East, edited by Robert Myers, 273-288. Beirut: American University of Beirut Press, 2011.

“Mother Syria and Syrian motherhood: imagining mahjar nationality between ideal and real.” Zaytoon Graduate Student Journal 1 (Spring 2009): 5-16.


Unmentionables, book manuscript on garment work, labor v. capital, and the textile industry in the Syrian and Lebanese mahjar. Under contract to Stanford University Press.

Upcoming Talks and Conferences

“The Post-Ottoman World,” three part invitational Seminar Session at the American Historical Association annual meeting, San Francisco, January 4-7, 2024.

“Late Ottoman Migration,” roundtable at the Middle East Studies Association Annual Meeting, Montreal, November 2-5, 2023.

“Fase Síria: the improvised Syrian American textile industry on Madeira Island,” Atlantic Crossings: Forms of Temporary Labour Migration around 1900 workshop, Universität Bern, October 19-20, 2023.


Middle East Studies Association; American Historical Association; Lebanese Studies Association; Syrian Studies Association; Arab American Studies Association.

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