May Spangler was born and raised in Paris, where she graduated with a master’s degree in architecture from the École des Beaux-Arts. She also received a Ph.D. in French at Emory University in Atlanta, where she taught eleven years. Her publications include critical essays and short stories combining her interest in literature and architecture. She is the author of a memoir, “Papa a dit, Maman aussi,” and a student textbook and teacher manual, “Paris in Architecture, Literature and Art.”


1996    Ph.D. in French, Emory University. Dissertation Topic: “Monstrer Diderot”

1982   M.A. in Architecture, École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, UP7, Paris

1978    Scholarship from the College of Architecture, Georgia Institute of Technology, winter and spring quarters, and traveling scholarship during summer

1974    Scientific Baccalaureate with honors, Paris


Other Publications

Paris in Architecture, Literature and Art. A student textbook and teacher manual for an interdisciplinary undergraduate course. Peter Lang Publishing, 2018.
Cubist Architecture: The Villa Savoye, a short film, 2017. https://youtu.be/U7OVxyL-z68
Papa a dit, Maman aussi, a coming of age novel. Paris: Éditions Unicité, 2015.
– “Postmodern Anthropomorphism in Birga’s Beaubourg.” Academia.edu, 2015.
Southbound, a short film, 2014. https://youtu.be/em7v_IoRnRQ
– “Gavroche at the Bastille.” Academia.edu, 2014.
sv-peregrine.net blog of a cruise down the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway Oct.-Dec. 2012.
Blurry Lines, a novel about a French exchange student in a Southern college, 2005-06.
– “L’Hermaphrodisme monstrueux de Diderot.” Études Françaises, vol. 39, 2003.
– “Les Monstres textuels dans le transformisme de Diderot,” Diderot Studies XXIX, 2003.
– Review of Sublime Disorder: Physical Monstrosity in Diderot’s Universe by Andrew Curran. Diderot Studies XXIX, 2003.
– “Paxos by Night” (short story), in La Passion et autres nouvelles. Atelier Z, May 2003.
– “SubRéalité dans la littérature de l’époque classique.” Impressions d’artistes, April 2003.
– “L’Utopie post-coloniale de L’Île mystérieuse.” Francophonia, vol. 44, Spring 2003.
– “Images of Paris: Big “C” Culture for the Non-Speaker of French,” With Holly York. French Review, vol. 75, March-April 2002.
– “Folie parisienne: le massacre de la Saint-Barthélemy.” JAISA, The Journal of the Association for the Interdisciplinary Study of the Arts, vol. 7, fall 2001-spring 2002.
– “The Saint-Bartholomew’s Fragmentation.” A poster for the exhibition “Science and Art: shared Frontiers” in the Schatten Gallery, Emory University, January-May 2001.
– “Un Portrait dans un coin de robe (Julie, lettre II-25).” Littératures, vol. 42, spring 2000.
– Review of Denis Diderot: Extravagance et génialité by Marie-Hélène Chabut. Symposium, vol. 54, summer 2000.
– “Avenue des Ternes” (short story). The White Crow, Osric Publishing, July 2000.
– “Mireille” (short story). The Prose Menagerie, Cara Swann ed., http://www.geocities.com/Sotto/Studios/5116/index.html, June 2000.
– “Le Festival d’art post-olympique d’Atlanta.” Atelier Z, Aliff ed. Tunis: Éditions de la Méditerranée, January 1999.
– “L’Accident du moderne dans l’urbanisme parisien.” Ôrage 11, June 1997.
– “Science, philosophie et littérature: le polype de Diderot.” Recherches sur Diderot et sur l’Encyclopédie, vol. 23, October 1997.

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    – Memoir of a Parisian, with illustrations by the author.

    Impressionist Tour Eiffel: a Bridge to the Sky (a short film).

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    Nov 7-11, 2018. AESA Conference in Greenville, SC. Book signing for Paris in Architecture, Literature and Art (in the Peter Lang booth).

    Jan 3-6, 2019. MLA Conference in Chicago. Book signing for Paris in Architecture, Literature and Art (in the Peter Lang booth).

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