Eliseo Ferrer is a Spanish author, anthropologist and mythologist (Ontiñena -Huesca). He studied Information Sciences and Philosophy at the Complutense University of Madrid.

He has published several books; Among them, and the most important, Sacrifice and Drama of the Sacred King (Genealogy, anthropology and history of the myth of Christ) where he proposes an original theory of Christianity of an anthropological, textual and historical-critical character. All this from postulates of an essentialist atheism and from a methodology based on criteria of gnoseological materiality and holistic and dialectical methods.

In such a way that the vision of Christianity that he proposes in Sacrifice and Drama of the Sacred King appears divided into three complementary parts, which the work presents through three successive “books” within its pages: an anthropological theory based on the myth of the Sacrifice of the Sacred King, in the first place; then a historical-philosophical theory (mystery) based on Platonism inherited by the Hellenistic tradition and by the Roman Church; and, finally, a historical-critical theory of the Messiah-Christ of Israel through the study of the history proper and of the texts (hermeneutics) of the Judaism of the Second Temple and of the different Judeo-Christianities of the first and second centuries, prior to the constitution of the Church.



—Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

—Universidad Laboral de Alcalá de Henares.

Other Publications

—Sacrificio y drama del Rey Sagrado. Genealogía, antropología e historia del mito de Cristo. (Year 2021).

—Caballo Español. Caballo Imperial. (Year 2019).

—Autocriptica. (Year 1989).

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—Dioses, reyes, dragones, prostitutas y caníbales. (Sacrificios humanos y ritos sangrientos en el mundo antiguo).

—Águilas y serpientes. (Textos y contextos ideológicos no eclesiásticos del cristianismo primitivo).

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