Professor Development Studies UNSW. Recent books Borderland City in New India: frontier to gateway (2016: Amsterdam University Press),  Debating Race in Contemporary India (2015: Palgrave/Springer), Northeast Migrants in Delhi: race, refuge, and retail (2012, Amsterdam University Press).

Associate Editor South Asia: journal of South Asian studies (Taylor and Francis), Editorial Board Asian Borderlands Book Series (Amsterdam University Press), editor in Chief ASAA South Asia Book Series (Routledge), committee Asian Borderlands Research Network.


PhD, UNSW 2007

Ma UNSW 2003

BA Communications UTS 1999

Other Publications


    • McDuie-Ra DA, 2016, Borderland City in New India: frontier to gateway, Asian Borderlands, Amsterdam University Press, Amsterdam

    • McDuie-Ra DA, 2015, Debating Race in Contemporary India, Pivot Asian Studies, Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke,

    • McDuie-Ra D, 2012, Northeast Migrants in Delhi: Race, Refuge and Retail, Original, Amsterdam University Press / IIAS Monograph Series, Amsterdam/ Leiden,

    • Deo N; McDuie-Ra D, 2011, The Politics of Collective Advocacy in India: Tools and Traps, Original, Lynne Reiner, Boulder, Co.

Journal Articles 

  • Robinson DF; Mcduie-Ra D, 2017, ‘(En)countering counterfeits in Bangkok: The urban spatial interlegalities of intellectual property law, enforcement and tolerance’, Geographical Journal

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Book Chapters

  • McDuie-Ra DA, 2017, ‘Solidarity, Visibility and Vulnerability: ‘Northeast’ as a Racial Category in India’, in Saikia Y; Baishya A (ed.), A Place of Relations: Northeast India, edn. 1, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, pp. 27 – 44

  • McDuie-Ra DA, 2016, ‘Cosmopolitan Tribals: frontier migrants in Delhi’, in Sundar N; Madan TN (ed.), The Scheduled Tribes and Their India, Oxford University Press, New Delhi, pp. 597 – 618,

  • McDuie-Ra DA, 2016, ‘Children and Civil Society in South Asia: Subject, participants and political agents’, in D’Costa B (ed.), Children and Violence: Politics of Conflict in South Asia, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge/ New Delhi, pp. 46 – 61

  • McDuie-Ra DA, 2015, ‘Globalisation’, in Sociologic: A Sociological Analysis of Everyday Life, edn. 1, Oxford University Press, Melbourne, pp. 331 – 346.

  • McDuie-Ra DA, 2014, ‘Borders, Territory, and Ethnicity: Women and the Naga Peace Process’, in Mendez JB; Naples NA (ed.), Border Politics: Social Movements, Collective Identities, and Globalization, NYU Press, New York, pp. 95 – 119

  • McDuie-Ra DA, 2014, ‘Being a Tribal Man: Migration, Morality, and Masculinity’, in Doron A; Broom A (ed.), Gender and Masculinities: Histories, Texts and Practices in India and Sri Lanka, edn. Routledge South Asian History and Culture Series, Routledge: Taylor and Francis, Delhi, pp. 126 – 148,

  • McDuie-Ra DA, 2013, ‘Flexible, Exotic, Unorganized: ‘Frontier’ Women in Indian cities’, in Elias J; Gunawardana SJ (ed.), The Global Political Economy of the Household in Asia, Palgrave MacMillan, Basingstoke, pp. 77 – 93

  • McDuie-Ra D, 2013, ‘Deep Democracy or Ethno-centrism? Locating Voice in the Protests against Development in Northeast India’, in Arora V; Jayaram N (ed.), Routeing Democracy in the Himalayas: Experiments and Experiences, edn. 1, Routledge, New Delhi, pp. 133 – 155

  • McDuie-Ra D, 2012, ‘Insecurity Within and outside the state: The regional and local dynamics of environmental insecurity in the mekong’, in Human Security: Securing East Asia’s Future, New York: Springer, pp. 115 – 134

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