David I. Backer is a teacher, activist, and researcher focusing on education, policy, finance, and ideology. He writes a newsletter called Schooling and Socialist America which can be found here.


Columbia University, New York, NY
PhD in Philosophy and Education, Teachers College, May 2014
Dissertation: “The Distortion of Discussion”
Dissertation Committee: Megan Laverty (Chair, Columbia University, Teachers College), Tyson Lewis (University of North Texas), David Hansen (Columbia University, Teachers College), Sophie Haroutunian-Gordon (Northwestern University), Daniel Friedrich (Columbia University, Teachers College)

Columbia University, New York, NY
MPhil in Social and Political Philosophy, awarded with distinguished honors, June 2012

State University of New York-Buffalo, Buffalo, NY
MS in Interdisciplinary Studies/Education, June 2010
Thesis: “Measuring the Efficacy of Classroom Discussion: Harkness vs. Socratic Pedagogy”

George Washington University, Washington, DC
BA in Philosophy with a concentration in mathematics and logic, minor in biological anthropology, magna cum laude, 2006

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