I’m a polymath interested in a lot of fields of study, including mathematics, anthropology, and historiography. I am not a huge fan of formal peer review and prefer open science. I’m hoping hat over time, open science, through institutions like Humanities Commons and the Open Science Framework, will replace our stagnating system of publication.


I went for breadth rather than depth. As a result, I have little to show in terms of pieces of paper. I have an A.S. in Engineering, another in Computer Science, and a Bachelor’s in Mathematics with a minor in anthropology. However, these degrees do not evidence the extent of my background, which is most easily measured in credits (243 including 42 graduate credits). More detail can be found in my C.V.

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    There are a number of projects on which I am currently working, including promoting discussion of reforming scientific investigation. I’m also constantly writing in numerous fields.

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