Professor Krasniqi is a researcher in the Department of Contemporary History at the Institute of History (ASA), and Executive Director of the Institute for Political Studies (ISP). His research focuses on the historical period preceding regime changes and the transition that followed. He obtained his doctorate in history from UT, defending his thesis “SEE and Albania in the post-communist period: Analysis of political and government systems.” Additionally, he has authored several monographs and study books on political systems and history, including “Crisis of Embassies: Albania in the Year 1990″ (2020), “Political Parties in Albania 1912-2009” (2010), and “Political Systems in Albania 1912-2008” (2009). Professor Krasniqi earned his doctoral title in history from the University of Tirana, and he also holds a master’s degree from Viadrina University in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. He is a frequent columnist and political commentator on various media platforms in Albania and the region.

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