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Photography and Southern Culture

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    Joseph R. Millichap

    The Southern Quarterly

    Special Issue: Photography and the Shaping of Southern Culture

    Guest Editor: Joseph Millichap, Western Kentucky Univ. <>

    Publication Schedule: Volume 51, Number 4, Summer 2015

    Submissions for the 2015 special issue should relate photography to any other aspect of culture in the South, with both terms broadly defined as in the new southern studies. Subject areas might involve considerations of photography and the other visual and performing arts in the South, photography and southern literature, as well as photography in relation to the geography, history, sociology, and anthropology of the region. Specific submissions could consider individual photographers in the South, particular photographs of southern subjects, vernacular and documentary photography, photos and popular culture in the South, the use of real and fictive photographs in southern poetry and fiction, as well as the photography of landscape and townscape, politics and conflict, or race and class in the South from the Civil War to the present. Submissions relating to these themes of the special issue may include scholarly essays of about 5,000 words plus documentation, reviews of pertinent publications, unpublished interviews with relevant figures, related archival materials, portfolios of southern photographs, and original poetry employing photographic tropes. All submissions must arrive before January 1, 2015, and should follow The Southern Quarterly guidelines, which are available online at: <;.

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