The Graduate Student Caucus is an affiliate group of the Modern Language Association. The major function of the caucus is to advocate on behalf of graduate students in modern langauges at the annual meeting of the MLA. We seek to raise awareness about current issues that graduate students face and hope to contribute to any of the decisions that are made on our behlaf. On a more practical level, we want to help students stay informed about the various facets of academia.

Graduate Student labor series

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    Ben Mangrum

    Dear colleagues,

    Several faculty and graduate students at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have recently launched Ethos: A Digital Review of the Arts, Humanities, and Public Ethics.  This digital project, which is supported by the Institute for the Arts and Humanities at UNC, features weekly blog posts about culture and politics from intellectuals around the U.S.  Ethos currently has a series on Graduate Student labor that we feel may be of interest to members of this MLA Commons group. The first post in this series discusses statistics about graduate student instructional labor and our “contingent future” in the profession, while the second post offers strategies for responding to university inequities.  We’d appreciate your contributions to the discussion, so please consider visiting this digital project at

    Thanks, and best wishes,



    Ben Mangrum

    Editor, Ethos: A Digital Review of the Arts, Humanities, and Public Ethics


    Ervin Malakaj

    Dear Ben,

    thank you very much for posting this. We will certainly make sure to spread the word. The premise of the journal aligns well with the mission of the caucus and we would be happy to direct our members your way.


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