CFPs for our sponsored panels at MLA 2016

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    Melek Ortabasi

    Call for papers: MLA 2016
    We invite you to submit paper proposals for any of the following panels, which we are planning for the January 2016 Modern Language Association annual conference, to convene in Austin, TX.

    A Public Face for East Asian Poetry?
    Investigating contemporary poetry’s impact on readerships large and small. Papers could address new readerships, registers, or platforms for poetry. Title, 300 word abstract, and biography by 6 March 2015; Christopher Lupke (

    Roundtable: East Asian Forums at MLA
    Thinking the future of the new East Asian/Chinese/Korean/Japanese forums. How to collaborate, make MLA appealing to East Asianists, etc. Abstract 200-300 words by 1 March 2015; Michael Emmerich (

    Scripture as Literature: Reading East Asian Religion
    Readings of East Asian religious texts, premodern/modern (poetry, fiction, film, etc.). Interested in interpretations that cross disciplinary boundaries and national boundaries. 300 word abstract by 1 March 2015; Paul Rouzer (

    Women, Agency, and the Literary Arts in Premodern/Modern East Asia
    Women, Agency, and the Literary Arts in premodern/modern East Asia. 250-300 words abstracts by 1 March 2015; Monika Dix (

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