• Critique Endorsed by Drs Koenig, Wong, Farra,- Materialist argue that Spirituality is unreal"- being beyond measurement [Miller and Thompson] = Definist fallacy = Maladaptive stereotype & .by the same logic Death is a Figment of Your Imagination.

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    The Academic Materialist driven Extreme Escapism of Materialist Psychologists and Jung's Accurate "Mar's Prophecy" - so Recently Proven True. A journalist's question to Carl Jung: Do you think that, in twenty years, anyone will care about the spirit of symbols, fully in the era of interplanetary journeys, with the Sputniks, the Gagarins, and the Shephards? Will not the spirit come to appear passé? Dr. Jung smiles cunningly and states: “Sooner or later man will have to return to himself, even if from the stars. All this that is happening now is an extreme form of escapism, because it is easier to reach Mars than to find oneself. If man doesn’t find himself, then he faces the greatest of dangers: his own annihilation. I Materialist Methodology Excludes Important Information and Facts Searching for the Meaning of Life in a Laboratory: Iain McGilchrist, psychiatrist, author, and Oxford literary scholar: The Downside of "Rigid Adherence to the Arbitrary Quantification!" The rigid adherence to quantification and laboratory Experiments Excludes all phenomena which don't fit a laboratory agenda - like group related emotions as Kay Deux points out as well as genocides.
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