• Unrestricted Analysis of the COVID Narrative in Africa: Emphasis on the Ghanaian Medical Context

    Samuel Adu-Gyamfi (see profile)
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    The Impact of COVID Restrictions on Low- and Middle-Income Countries King’s College, London
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    Kings College and Collateral Global
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    Kings College, London, UK
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    April 25-27, 2023
    Health Humanities, Medical Humanties, Health Social Sciences, Social History of Medicine, Contemporary History, Applied History
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    The COVID-19 pandemic with its concomitant lockdown policies exacerbated the worst living conditions in different regions of the world, Africa and Ghana in particular. The major discursive issues concerning the pandemic has glaringly or cunningly ignored the lack of emphasis on local dynamics concerning what ought to be or could have been done with respect to local contexts. For instance, attention has not been paid to the local medicines and pharmaceutical efforts that could have or might have played a critical role in the COVID fight. Was it as a result of lack of faith in African leadership? The answer lies both in the historical and the contemporary contexts. It rests generally on failed African leadership historically, as well as colonial and neo colonial stereotypes, which are amplified through western oriented policies that are pushed down the throat of African political patrons. On such a stereotypical note, the African and the Ghanaian context for that matter, seem not to have the permission to build on anecdotes (trial and error and tinkering) to provide a useful synthesis that are open for further improvements. Therefore, in this COVID narratives I seek to amplify the efforts of local actors within the state of Ghana. These actors used local Ghanaian ways in tandem with other ways (orthodox) to deal with the COVID quandary. Again, I seek specifically to highlight Ghanaian medicines and their broader impact on healthcare and the COVID fight in particular. I am also interested in the efforts or the activities of organizations like The World Health Organization (WHO), West African Health Organization (WAHO), Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and East, Central, and Southern Africa Health Community (ECSA-HC) who joined in the fight against COVID-19 in Africa.
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