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    In order to acquire English idioms and phrases appropriate for certain fields of work and scientific study, this document explains teaching data from an English course for an ecclesiastical music programme in the even semester (2023-2024). Therefore, the Indonesian technical language utilised in these instructional materials is a hybrid of Indonesian and English terminology. Then, one may use a variety of methods to increase their idiom and expression repertoire: • Identify the area of study or the vocation that most interests you. For instance, if you are a medical professional, you may concentrate on idioms and phrases associated with medicine. • Compile a list of idioms and terms often used in that industry or line of work. You should look for information in dictionaries or other specialised publications that examine the use of English in certain situations. • Become familiar with the context in which each phrase and term is used. Ensure you have a solid grasp of the circumstances and settings in which the idioms and phrases are used. • Get some experience with idioms and phrases in speech and writing by practising them. Try to use the idioms and terms you have acquired in your regular discussions and academic work. • Increase the degree of experience that you have had using English in the subject or career that you are studying. Suppose you want to study English in a business setting, for instance. In that case, you could attend business seminars or conferences in English, or you could join discussion groups where business-related issues are discussed in English. If you follow these instructions, you can increase both your grasp of and your ability to utilise idioms and phrases in English specific to various professions and fields of study.
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