• Coming Out of Chaos: Community Archives, Oral History, and Networks of Archival Support

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    Coming Out of Chaos: A Vancouver Dance Story (COoC) is a multi-year, oral history and archival research project produced by Karen Jamieson Dance, under the creative direction of Dance Archivist and Creative Director, Emma Metcalfe Hurst. COoC tracks the emergence of contemporary dance in Vancouver, British Columbia, highlighting local connections to Simon Fraser University and international connections to New York City, from the 1960s to the present day. The project takes the form of an interactive, multimedia website (www.kjdchaos.ca) that includes: seventeen oral history interviews with local dancers, choreographers, dance administrators, dance historians, dance critics, and performance scholars; a historical timeline of contemporary dance in Vancouver; four curated virtual exhibitions of personal and organizational archives; and four “chapters” that tell the story leading up to, during, and after the seminal collaborative work Coming Out of Chaos (1982). This project explores the work's resonance in Vancouver contemporary dance through new writing based on historical research, audio clips from the oral history interviews, and archival photographs, film, and textual documents. This lightning talk highlights oral history and archival projects as a tool for community engagement and outreach. It will also touch on themes of community archives (“for the community, by the community”), access, preservation, and networks of archival support (distributing professional knowledge and archival labour, such as digitization) within the non-profit arts sector. The talk also shares the project development process and the decision behind creating a website as the final project product.
    A lightning talk power point presentation of Coming Out of Chaos: Community Archives, Oral History, and Networks of Archival Support which was originally presented at the ARLIS/NA 2022: 50th Annual Conference in Chicago, ILL. Presented by Emma Metcalfe Hurst. Project support from Karen Jamieson Dance.
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