• Mathematical Dimensions of Amenama Man Wankyo Children Play of the Tiv People of Iyon Shangev-Ya in Kwande Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria

    Joshua Abah ABAH (see profile) , Vitalis IORTSER
    Ethnology, Mathematical sociology, Mathematics, Education, Cultural property
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    Ethnomathematics, Mathematics Education, Amenama Man Wankyo, Iyon Shangev-ya, Kwande, Ethnography, Cultural heritage
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    This study applied phenomenological design to explore the mathematical dimensions of the Amenama Man Wankyo children play of the Tiv People of Iyon Shangev-ya in Kwande Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria. The sample comprises 12 Iyon indigenes selected via purposive sampling. The instrument for the study is a semi-structured in-depth interview rubric and video recorder. Narrative analysis was used to analyze and interpret the shared experience of Iyon people with the local children play. The results of the study revealed the richness of the Amenama Man Wankyo children play as basis for mathematics instruction in the core areas of counting, arithmetic of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions and ordinal numbers, geometry of shapes, matrices and systems of linear equations as well as arithmetic of sequence and probability. The outcomes also revealed that Iyon people through the help of Amenama Man Wankyo children play, can identify smart and intelligent children who can keep correct records, take good decisions and are responsible for their actions or inactions, pursue their own interests, show independence in thought and action, exhibit intrinsic motivation, persistence and confidence under pressure or in a very critical situation. Based on the findings, the study recommended that curriculum developers should carefully consider the traditional game, incorporate the of Amenama Man Wankyo into the design of the mathematic curriculum, Mathematics teachers who are the curriculum implementers should plan their work systematically involving largely ethnomathematical elements, government should train and encourage mathematics teachers on the use of ethnomathematics in primary and secondary schools, and learners should be encouraged to play with traditional games such as the game of Amenama Man Wankyo as it provides them with an all-round development.
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