• कोविड 19 चा भारतीय अर्थव्यवस्थेवर परिणाम

    Dr. Rakshit Madan Bagde (see profile)
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    Covid 19 Pendemic : Challenges,Opportunities & Solutions Infront of Higher Education
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    Shankarlal Khandelwal Arts,Science & Commerce College, Akola & PEFI, New Delhi
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    Literature and economics, Economic criticism
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    While the Indian economy is in its infancy, the festival has been steadily declining since 2014 Covid 19 at the beginning of 2020 while the current growth rate is adjusting. Today we see the picture that Chi Zad has reached the stage of Athavadayavastha. From this country of China Coronavirus is a contagious disease that has spread all over the world and all over India Is. The disease has killed over 41,94,728 people worldwide to date. And so on You can see the growth. Of developing as well as developing countries Not escaped the influence. The result of this Covid 19 is a question mark over human incompetence Is becoming a builder. The question is how to survive and live Tooling. To date, growth has been hampered by Covid 19. Done The river will be the solution to how to stop the development, but until then It will be difficult and laborious to fill in the gaps. Locks accepted by India The downfall has had a devastating effect on the economy. This includes many areas on the world stage Institutions have shown that India's growth rate is expected to remain at 0%. Some of them have not been studied due to the impact on the Indian economy The emphasis will be on suggesting solutions.
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