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    Compilation of published articles (in Japan unless otherwise indicated): “The Convergence of Specialist and Generalist Knowledge accelerated by Computer Communications” (Kagawa Junior College Journal, 24, 1-6, 1996). "The Internet for Educator Development" (The Language Teacher, 20(9), 17-18, 1996). "Opening the Conference Gates to K-12 and Worldwide Educators" (The Well Connected Educator. Global SchoolNet, U.S., 1997), "Voluntaristic Online Education and the Future with Japan" (Teaching in the Community Colleges Electronic Journal, 3(1) [keynote address paper], U.S., 1998). "Japanese Culture Meets Online Education: Bridging the Psychological Gap" (Educause Review, 34 (3), 42-44, U.S., 1999). "International Issues and New Technologies for Learning" report with Dr. John Afele, World Bank > ADB, Ghana (Fifth Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference, U.S., 2000). "Review of Open and Distance Education in the Asia Pacific Region" (Open Learning Systems News, 78, 78-80, UK, 2001). "Reaching out to Students - Education Online" (Hiragana Times, pp. 12-15, September 2002). "Information Communication Technologies in Asia: An Interview with Steve McCarty" (CALL Review, Summer 2006, pp. 37-40, UK, 2006). "Window into the Classroom: Podcasting an English for Professional Purposes Course" (Osaka Jogakuin Junior College Journal, 36, 1-21, 2007). "The Future of Web 2.0 in 3D" (The Language Teacher, 32(4), 26-27, 2008). "Motivating Language Learners from Before Admission to After Graduation through Social Media" (Proceedings of CLaSIC 2008: Media in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning (pp. 426-435), National University of Singapore, 2008).
    Many educational and professional development activities that people do today with ease through technology were done from the mid-1990s. They just took more effort, patience, and ingenuity. Therefore, this compilation may stand the test of time. The history of innovations such as wholly online academic conferences or virtual worlds, may be of use or interest to researchers and scholars in a field that is thin on theory and disciplinarity.
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