• We Here. Now What? DEI in Music Technical Spaces (Presentation and Notes from MLA 2019)

    Monica Figueroa, Rahni Kennedy, Treshani Perera (see profile) , Sandy Rodriguez
    Music Library Association
    Library science, Information science, Mentoring, Music libraries, Diversity in the workplace
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    Music Library Association 2019 Annual Meeting
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    Music Library Association
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    St. Louis, Missouri
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    diversity, hiring strategies, inclusion, racial equity, Diversity studies, Library and information science
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    Why do diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) matter in music library technical spaces? What challenges do technical services librarians face when working to incorporate DEI strategies in their work? Building on the momentum created by advocacy groups for library workers of color such as We Here, this session will cover the importance of defining, clarifying, and prioritizing these values within library technical spaces, with an emphasis on the recruitment and retention of library workers from marginalized communities. Topics covered will include identifying strategic hiring and mentoring plans that grow a more diverse workforce, creating a path for advancement and leadership within various stages of librarianship, and resisting the devaluation of labor identified as “behind-the-scenes” work. The session will be formatted with panelist presentations (including Q&A) in the first 55 minutes to provide a foundation for conversations and discussions in the second half of the session. Guided small-group discussions during the final 30 minutes will focus on identifying DEI issues in music library technical spaces and developing a plan of action for addressing them. With panelists’ recommendations in mind, participants will work in small groups to create a list of strategies for enacting change and promoting DEI in music library technical spaces and the broader libraries that we serve. The intended outcome of this World Cafe session is to create a space for dialogue and action to dismantle and transform policies, structures, and biases in library technical spaces and in the field of music librarianship.
    File includes slides, discussion notes, and bibliography from session.
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